Media & Public Writing

I write cultural criticism and opinion pieces that draw on my scholarly research and are always accessible and engaging for a general audience. Below you can find a selection of my media and public writing.

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Areas of expertise include:

✓ Argument-driven culture writing and opinion pieces

✓ Reviews of the latest contemporary literary texts (fiction and non-fiction), films, and TV

✓ Sleep and the sleep crisis in contemporary culture

✓ The Anthropocene and the climate crisis in contemporary culture

✓ Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic narratives

✓ Utopias and dystopias

Dr Diletta De Cristofaro


The Dreams of Contemporary Culture

Part of the book Eva Frapiccini: Dreams Archive, edited by Cristina Cobianchi, 2023.

Demons of Sleep

New Humanist, Spring 2023

A Reading Guide to the Sleep Crisis

The Posthumanist, September 2022

“We had a garden and we paved it”: The Expanse and the Philosophy of the Anthropocene

Part of the book The Expanse and Philosophy: So Far Out into the Darkness, edited by Jeffery L. Nicholas. Wiley-Blackwell, 2021, pp. 135-144.


The Counterproductive Promise of a “Sleep Goal”

The Week, March 2022

“Network Aesthetic”: Review of Douglas Coupland’s Binge

Review 31, February 2022

Literary Culture and Achievement Subjectivity from Gilmore Girls to A Year in the Life

Post45 Contemporaries, November 2021

Generation X: its tales about McJobs and information overload feel as poignant now as in 1990s

Salon, March 2021 (originally published in The Conversation, March 2021)

We have worked out just what Tenet is all about

RTÉ Brainstorm, January 2021

Writing the Sleep Crisis

The Polyphony, December 2020

Entry on the iPhone in Ling Ma’s Severance

Crossed Lines online exhibition of literary telephones, November 2020

McJobs and Veal Fattening Pens: Work and Futurity in Generation X

ASAP/J, “Thirty Years of Generation X” cluster, November 2020

“Everyday is like Sunday”: Reading the Time of Lockdown via Douglas Coupland

boundary 2 online, May 2020

Archipelago, Jim Crace’s Last Novel that Never Was

Ransom Center Magazine, February 2018