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Areas of expertise include:

✓ Reviews of the latest literary texts (fiction and non-fiction), films, and TV

✓ Contemporary literature and popular culture

✓ Sleep and the sleep crisis in contemporary culture

✓ The Anthropocene and the climate crisis in contemporary culture

✓ Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic narratives

✓ Utopias and dystopias

Dr Diletta De Cristofaro

Sleep Stories | “The Night Watch” 

Written and read by Jenn Ashworth, introduced by Diletta De Cristofaro. Durham Book Festival, October 2021

Il sonno è in crisi? Che cosa ci dice la cultura contemporanea

Podcast recording of my talk (in Italian) at MeetMeTonight 2021, part of the European Researchers’ Night, September 2021

Cloud Atlas, Time & the Post-Apocalypse with Diletta De Cristofaro

Utopian Horizons Podcast, May 2019

The Contemporary Apocalyptic Imagination

Podcast recording of my public lecture at Durham University, August 2016