Public Speaking

I have presented scholarly papers on my research at academic conferences in the UK, Europe, Canada, and the US. I continue to speak about my research in academic settings, but in the past few years I’ve also been focusing on bringing my work to a general audience. Find out about upcoming events and watch the recordings of some of my talks below.

I’m open to invitations for both academic and public talks

Areas of expertise include:

✓ Contemporary literature and popular culture

✓ Sleep, dreams, and the sleep crisis in contemporary culture

✓ The Anthropocene and the climate crisis in contemporary culture

✓ Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic narratives

✓ Utopias and dystopias

✓ Time in contemporary culture

Dr Diletta De Cristofaro

Upcoming Talks & Events

27 January 2023

Roundtable: “On Dreams”

With Hunter Longe, Leila Salvesen, moderated by Eva Bossow. Istituto Svizzero, Rome, Italy.

The event is linked to the exhibition L’arcobaleno riposa sulla strada and part of the Art-Science series, dedicated to the encounter between scientific research and artistic practices.

February-March 2023

Understanding and Reimagining Sleep and Its Disorders Workshop Series

I’m project lead and facilitator on this creative workshop series (taking place online and in Newcastle, UK), which will result in an online art exhibition.

17 March 2023, 5pm GMT

Roundtable: “Hot Takes: Sleep Equity and Climate Change”

Moderator on this online roundtable organised by The Sociability of Sleep project (Université de Montréal / McGill University, Canada), featuring participants Jayson Porter, Kelton Minor, Arun Kumar, Benjamin Reiss, Devon Barnes and Sarah Barnes.

17-18 April 2023

The Sleep Crisis in Contemporary American Literature

American Literature and its Travels: A conference in Honour of Professor Judie Newman, University of Nottingham, UK

Past talks

Writing Sleep Salon at the Sociability of Sleep

As part of the Sociability of Sleep‘s salons (Université de Montréal / McGill University, Canada), I gave a talk about the writing of sleep. I was in conversation with Julie Flygare, President and CEO of Project Sleep.

Sleep Stories and the Science of Sleep

I chaired the launch event of the “Sleep Stories” commission at Durham Book Festival 2021 with Salena Godden, Professor Jason Ellis, and Dr Erik Hoel. The video below collects some highlights of our conversation.

Il sonno è in crisi? Che cosa ci dice la cultura contemporanea

A talk in Italian at MEETmeTONIGHT 2021, part of the European Researchers’ Night, a Europe-wide event that aims at making research accessible to the general public.

Are We in a Sleep Crisis? Perspectives from Contemporary Culture

An online public lecture I gave at The Lit & Phil in June 2021.

Forty Winks Café

An online public event on sleep health and contemporary culture I organised for Being Human Festival 2020, the UK’s only national festival of the humanities. The event featured talks by myself, Professor Katy Shaw and Professor Jason Ellis, and was chaired by Claire Malcolm of New Writing North. Thanks to our attendees’ and speakers’ suggestions, we crowd-sourced a list of recommended books, films, and videos featuring sleep – you can download it here.

God After God: Coupland, McLuhan, and Divine Absence in the Digital Age

A writers’ panel organised by Image Journal for the online conference Douglas Coupland and the Art of the ‘Extreme Present’ (April 2021). Below you can watch my pre-recorded remarks and the live conversation featuring myself, Nick RipatrazoneMeghan O’Gieblyn, and Lisa Cockrel.

Thirty Years of Generation X

A video roundtable with myself, Andrew TateMary MacCampbellShumon Basar and Makoto Fujimura. This roundtable is part of a cluster of essays, published by ASAP/J in November 2020, celebrating the 2021 30-year anniversary of the publication of Douglas Coupland’s debut novel Generation X.

The “Apocalypse” of 9/11: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road

Talk at Liceo Banfi, Vimercate, Italy, May 2021. The talk is in English, with the introduction and Q&A in Italian.

“I don’t believe in the future. I think we’re all doomed”: The Contemporary Apocalyptic Imagination

Gold Room Lecture, Harlaxton College, November 2016.

Applying for Wellcome Trust Funding: My Experience

Talk at #ECRday2021: Academic Opportunities after the PhD: Postdocs, Fellowships & More, July 2021. The panel below features talks by myself, Dr Anna Pilz, and Dr Katie Mishler