Upcoming Talks:

  • 9 October 2021, 8-9pm BST: I’ll be chairing an online roundtable at Durham Book Festival with writer Salena Godden, Professor Jason Ellis, and Dr Erik Hoel on the science and culture of sleep. Tickets here. This event is part of Sleep Stories, a series of three stories/podcasts by leading British writers Salena Godden, Andrew McMillan and Jenn Ashworth, which were commissioned as part of my current research project, “Writing the Sleep Crisis“.

I’m open to invitations for both academic and public talks – feel free to get in touch. Possible topics include:

  • sleep and the sleep crisis in contemporary culture,
  • the apocalyptic imagination,
  • utopias and dystopias,
  • the Anthropocene and the climate crisis in contemporary culture.

Some of the talks I’ve given over the past few years are available below.


“Il sonno è in crisi? Che cosa ci dice la cultura contemporanea”, talk in Italian at MEETmeTONIGHT 2021 (September), part of the European Researchers’ Night, a Europe-wide event that aims at making research accessible to the general public.

Are We in a Sleep Crisis? Perspectives from Contemporary Culture“, an online public lecture I gave at The Lit & Phil in June 2021.

“Forty Winks Café”, an online public event on sleep and contemporary culture, part of Being Human Festival 2020, the UK’s only national festival of the humanities. The event featured talks by myself, Professor Katy Shaw and Professor Jason Ellis, and was chaired by Claire Malcolm of New Writing North. Thanks to our attendees’ and speakers’ suggestions, we crowd-sourced a list of recommended books, films, and videos featuring sleep – you can download it here.

God After God: Coupland, McLuhan, and Divine Absence in the Digital Age, a writers’ panel organised by Image Journal for the online conference Douglas Coupland and the Art of the ‘Extreme Present’ (April 2021). Below you can watch my pre-recorded remarks and the live conversation featuring myself, Nick Ripatrazone, Meghan O’Gieblyn, and Lisa Cockrel.

“Thirty Years of Generation X, a video roundtable with myself, Andrew Tate, Mary MacCampbell, Shumon Basar and Makoto Fujimura. This roundtable is part of a cluster of essays, published by ASAP/J in November 2020, celebrating the 2021 30-year anniversary of the publication of Douglas Coupland’s debut novel Generation X.

“’I don’t believe in the future. I think we’re all doomed’: The Contemporary Apocalyptic Imagination”, Gold Room Lecture, Harlaxton College, November 2016.

“Applying for Wellcome Trust Funding: My Experience”, talk at #ECRday2021: Academic Opportunities after the PhD: Postdocs, Fellowships & More, July 2021. The panel below features talks by myself, Dr Anna Pilz, and Dr Katie Mishler


Conference Papers:

I have presented papers on my research at several academic conferences in the UK, the USA, and Europe, including The British Association for Contemporary Literary Studies conference, The British Association for American Studies annual conference, The European Association for American Studies conference, The Cormac McCarthy Society annual conference, English: Shared Futures.